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Automatic Electric Iron Cutter


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Automatic Electric Iron Cutter is to process thermal cutting to fabric with mold . The thermal fuse be fixed in the insulated asbestos board or cement board in accordance with the path been set ,  heating , and instantaneous contact with the plush material , fuse material , so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.


High production capacity , low cutting cost

1 Kasu Automatic Electric Iron Cutter = 2 thermal cutting operators

1 Kasu Automatic Electric Iron Cutter = 4 double heads laser cutting machine , 2 sec each punch

1,500 punches per hour , 2 pieces per punch , 10 hours per day can cut 30,000 pieces

4 pieces per punch , 10 hours per day can cut 60,000 pieces.

Easy to operate and recruit

Precise motion control – No need to recruit operator with experiences ; Auto-feeding system with liner – No need to manually spread fabric ; Automatic counting function – No need time and energy to count the pieces ; Automatic smoke exhaust system – No need to breath toxic smoke ; High temperature and voltage protection – Easy to tear the pieces ; To liberate people from heavy labor – Can do more creative thing

After-sale service for laser cutting machine:

1.12 months guarantee for our machines except laser tube.
2. 24 hours technical support by email,fax or calling.
3. Free training in our factory. Also we can dispatch our technician to customers location the customer would be charged with cost of air ticket, food, hotel and $100 per day.
How to choose a suitable machine?
To provide you the correct quotation, please inform:
1. What is the raw material
2. What is the size of material
3. Your particular requirment

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we have been devoting to offer all kinds of software and general solutions to automatic cutting devices, like laser cutting machine in several industries such as plush toy, shoes, fabric


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