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KASU small vision laser cutting machine, equipped with camera automatic capturing & positioning system, is used for cutting woven labels, printed labels, rubber labels, silkscreen printed labels, jacquard fabric and leather. Its advantages include smooth incision, consistent and accurate size, without raw edge or deformation; cutting multiple layers in complex shape at the same time; high efficiency, low cost, perfect effect, design and product output at the same time, trademark cutting, as well as the cutting of applique embroidery, special embroidery, non-dust cloth and non-woven fabrics.

 Small Vision Laser Cutting Machine/CCD Camrea Laser Cutting Machine X1810S-1

Why Choose Vision Laser Machine for Printed Fabric Cutting?

1. Faster. Laser cut speed reaches up to 400-600mm/s. Automated production process with conveyor and auto-feeding system.
2. Precise. High precision, smooth cutting edge, no fraying, no need to rework on cutting edges.
3. Clean. Non-contact laser process. No need to glue paper onto textile, avoiding manual pollution during scissors cutting process.
4. Save Save time, save materials, and save labor cost.
5. All-round. Cut a variety of materials, like polyester, polymide, cotton, PVC, vinyl, etc.
6. High flexibility. Cut any kinds of shapes simultaneously.

After-sale service for laser cutting machine:

1.12 months guarantee for our machines except laser tube.
2. 24 hours technical support by email,fax or calling.
3. Free training in our factory. Also we can dispatch our technician to customers location the customer would be charged with cost of air ticket, food, hotel and $100 per day.
How to choose a suitable machine?
To provide you the correct quotation, please inform:
1. What is the raw material
2. What is the size of material
3. Your particular requirment

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