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Laser Cutting Machine with Image Inspector


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In way of projecting, the most accurate and most intuitive positioning can be realized for patterns. The color of projection can be changed according to the color of the material, makes the work easier and quicker, improves production efficiency.

Laser Cutting Machine with Image Inspector T1310F-4

Flexible material cutting solution targeted the problem of high injection rate caused by deformation of products.

Adopt DSP motion control technique, with continuous, smooth, economic cutting path, and curves optimization function, improve working efficiency significantly.

Exhausting system beneath cutting platform, the negative pressure is formed to make the material to be processed fixed stably on the platform; Air blowing system by the side of laser cutting head, moves at the same time, to ensure the smoke and dust generated during cutting are blown away. And ultimately to ensure the accuracy and surface cleanness of material.

Conventional manual cutting is able to cut about 600 pairs in one working day, 10 hours of working time; This machinery is able to cut 1,000–1,600 pairs in the same time, improve greatly working efficiency, and reduce basic manufacture cost.

With projector, to cut material into different sizes, not need to change films or papers on platform, adjustable by software. Much more economical without long term cost of film and paper.

Applicable industries: 3D Flyknit, 4D Flyknit, printed uppers of tennis, 3D handiwork

Applicable materials: fabric, wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other nonmetal materials

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